killie & heaven in her arms & cocoon sefira presents¡ÖCyoGa -Fuka-¡×

Greetings to you all who have came to "CyoGa -Ran-".
We all had a great time and we thank you all for coming.

But let's get ready for next.

The CyoGa gig will be named as "Fuka", which means incubation in Japanese. Our determination and intentions are getting ready to spread its wing day by day for another challenge. For this, we will hand out Yoku-hen"(piece of wings" for those CyoGa members who have ordered prior tickets through "e+" and by collecting three of these "Yoku-hen", you will receive a special
CyoGa present by sending the complete set to our headquarter. Further information will come along.

Our next guest for "CyoGa -Fuka-" will be King Brothers and The Rodeo Carburettor, where we will guarantee you all to experience a full impact of their garage / rock / punk rock sound and message to give you a good punch in the face. As for one of the ringleader of CyoGa and a big sustainer of them, I wish you all to be at this assembly. You will witness killie and heaven in her arms to leave a great essence of conspiracy with them.

I can imagine your fucked up look with a beer bottle up your ass.

There will also be a event called Music Day by an NPO that supports the music culture of this country and will be supporting "CyoGa -Fuka". Every 4th of May, they organize events at hundreds of live houses in Japan with a specific theme and for this year, it is "Ecological Green Electricity". In the definition of this "Ecological Green Electricity", it points electricity created
ecologically, such as hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power generation. This NPO insists the importance of shifting electricity generating of nuclear power
to these Green Electricity is a keyword for a worldwide ecology and asking people at live houses to donate some money. Since most of the electricity that is generated in Japan is done by nuclear power plants, where it costs 3000yen of electricity in a 300 people capacity live house each night, they want people there to donate 10yen to these Green Electricity power plants. It sounds ridiculous only to donate 10yen, but when this happens world widely, trillions of yen will be donated and ables to build more Green Electricity power plants.

But don't forget.
All of this is not to be forced.
It's your choice.

I will donate. But you don't have to. I was born and raised in a country that has been bombed by an atomic bomb and also see nuclear plants in Japan having accidents and spreading radiation everywhere, so I can not ignore this problem. But on the other hand, as a lot of specialist point out in the protocol of Kyoto COP3, nuclear power plants is one of the only ways of reducing the percentage of carbon dioxide and other GHG's. My point is, you choose what think is right. We just want everyone to have a chance to think about Green Electricity and nuclear power plants, Global warming and what we can do about it within our daily life. I'm riding a damn car and touring around with my band, and even within killie, we have separate opinions on Ecology problems so we don't wanna yell out "Ecology foreva mother fuckers!!!". It's good for everyone to have their own opinion and the point of CyoGa is to try and understand different ideas, different music, different life styles etc. There are bunch of cock heads who can't even come up to us and say an opinion with their name on it, so we know that it's not an easy thing to understand everyone, but we don't wanna go down on that. And we believe the only way is to fight for it. So this is "CyoGa -Fuka". Get your ass nucleared.

See you at the assembly.

yOshi / killie

¡ÖCyoGa -Fuka-¡×- 5/4 Mon, Holiday @ shibuya eggman

¢£cast: killie / heaven in her arms
¢£guest: King Brothers / The Rodeo Carburettor / DJ Koichi Sasazaki

¢£open/start: 17:30/18:00
¢£adv/door: 2800/3300 + 1D
¢¨300yen discount by showing ¡ÖCyoGa Member Certificate Badge¡×at the entrance.

¢£Prior Ticket Info¡ÚLimited event present "CyoGa Wing"¡Û
¡¦ e+¡§3/20 (Fri) - 4/6(Mon)¡¡e+ website
¡¦¡ÖCyoGa Wing¡×....A gift will be given out each time CyoGa members order tickets
through "e+". By collecting 3 "CyoGa Wings", CyoGa members will receive a special
CyoGa present. Further information will come along.

¢£General Ticket Info
¡¦Lawson Tickets(L/77603) / PIA (P/321-610) / eggman entrance / 4/7(Tue) - 5/1(Fri)
¡¦Shibuya eggman¡§ 03-3496-1561 (15:00-20:00)

¢£Next CyoGa gig : 8/1(Sat)¡÷shibuya shelter
¢¨Japanese information at the "diAry" page.


¢£heaven in her arms

¢£king brothers

¢£the rodeo carburettor

killie (at waseda university, taken by naoya nozawa)
heaven in her arms (at shibuya eggman, taken by unknown)
origami (at shibuya eggman, taken by unknown)
[posted Mar/26/2009 (THU)]

killie & heaven in her arms & cocoon sefira presents¡ÖCyoGa -Ran-¡×

So, it's about time to fuck'n change this boring music scene here.

killie and heaven in her arms will start a continuous two man event called "CyoGa", which means Butterfly and Moth in Japanese, taking the two images of both bands, inviting guests with support by cocoon sefira. We are sick and tired of this fashionable scene that exists here, perpetuating the same bands, same process, same consequence of attaining nothing and only feeling numbness.

We understand that each one of you are not convinced and content by this consequence and so are we. Someone needs to make a change in this country by revealing this true feeling that everyone holds and actually making a step forward where no one seems to will to take such responsibility and we are not here to sit and jack off.

So we're fuck'n here to take that.

We believe that each generation has its responsibility in doing what they should be doing at this moment and for us, it's to make this damn country a better place to live and to play, hear music and we are the one who needs to be upfront for everyone.

At first, to make this become true, we need to have more crossovers among bands, scenes and audiences and this "CyoGa" event will prove that. The first "CyoGa" will include the final release party of heaven in her arms new mini album and will invite a great HipHop group Origami. The place will be at Shibuya Eggman. We understand that this venue is not familiar with most of you, but this is part of the intention of "CyoGa". We want everyone to discover new venues and we also want to show you different shows of ourselves. Including internet prior ticket orders and presents by e+, we would like to make a progress with everyone and challenge what we can do in our generation basis. This is the reason why we have named the first event "Ran", meaning egg in Japanese. This is still a preface, but we wish the butterfly and moth to emerge with thousands of wills to fly over the fields.

Let's make this damn country a better place by ourselves. Stop watching and glancing, start participating.

Yoshi / killie

¡ÖCyoGa -Ran-¡×

-heaven in her arms new album "hifuku suru heisoku" release party-
3/20(Fri¡¦Holiday)¡÷shibuya eggman

¢£cast: heaven in her arms/killie
¢£guest: origami

¢£open/start: 18:00/18:30
¢£adv/door: 2800/3300 + 1D

¢£Prior Ticket Info¡ÚLimited event "CyoGa" Badge given¡Û
¡¦e+¡§2/15(Sun) - 2/28(Sat)¡¡e+ website
¡¦¡Ö*Certificate of CyoGa Member¡×(Badge) handed out on that day
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡*Explanation of¡ÖCertificates of CyoGa Members¡×....Ticket discount applies at each ¡ÖCyoGa¡× show by showing Cyoga Members badge at the entrance. Suck that.

¢£Next CyoGa gig : 5/4(Mon¡¦Holiday)¡÷shibuya eggman

¢£General Ticket Info
¡¦Lawson Tickets /eggman entrance¡§3/1(Sun) - 3/20(Fri¡¦Holiday)
¡¦Lawson Code¡§72264
¡¦shibuya eggman¡§ 03-3496-1561 (15:00-20:00)¡¡

¢¨Reservations are NOT allowed at shibuya eggman.
¢¨Japanese information at the "diAry" page.

heaven in her arms new mini album release flyer
yoshi (from killie at kitakyusyu, taken by seb)
heaven in her arms (at germany, taken by julien)
[posted Feb/14/2009 (SAT)]

i hate designing your enemies

As she bangs her forehead on the kick drum and a nose bleed to cover the shame, saying "It's not mine", saying "It's not yours", close minds and misunderstanding along the process of this idiotic idea of believing and beloved within a lost community, she sings a love song toward the crowd for a change, and a ease.

Silence is the consequence to prevail.

Reminiscence in my head, recalling the days of 15, the first Punk / Hardcore show I went to was at a bar club called "SCREAM".

I forgot the name of the band who was playing that night, but it was some band playing an old school / punk rock tune with a mixture of Circle Jerks and Chain Of Strength where the drummer had 1 cracked cymbal, 1 bass drum with a big hole, and a broken snare drum hitten by a chop stick or something. In front of the ugly mohawk drummer with a silkscreened Minor Threat T-shirt, the guitar player was using an unknown amp and a guitar with 3 strings on it where the bass player only had one 4th string playing on the note of D.

They were singing criticism toward their government about rights they deserve to have as a youth with no jobs bla bla and the club was full of kids with beer bottles in their hands, only big enough to fit 20 people or so. And of course, the front door was wide open for the noise to leek outside to the small restaurants next door, but they didn't seem to bother at all, or, it must have been an usual sight from the look on their faces. I remember at the end of the song, one guy started to get into a fight with some German guy for wearing a coat with a German flag patched on it, punching and yelling at him for taking it off, but eventually the German was naked on the floor bleeding and puking some flesh. I didn't really understand or agree with the consequence I was seeing on the floor, but I felt that these people were wishing for a change, possesing a strong impulse with this tool of music and it was the only way they could express it. Or actually not.

This was not in Japan, not in the US nor in those fucked up mainstream magazines or MTV.
It was in Beijing, China.

The band sucked like hell, but gave me a good punch in the face, indeed.

When I turned 14 years old, I went to Beijing because of my father's job and started my studies in an international school.

I met a stinky Finnish guy who only listened to Vandals and wanted to play drums, asking me if i wanted to play bass with a Cantonese guy who played guitar, preaching how to make a nuclear bomb while listening to Operation Ivy and Fifteen. I was into Propagandhi those days, wishing to play some fast, metallic and melodic songs, but I didn't know how to play the instrument, so I eventually gave up and gave it try by starting the band playing ska punk tunes like Operation Ivy, since the Cantonese guy already had some songs, which sound like shit reggae.

After a couple of months, knowing how to hit the notes right, we started to look for a place to play or if there was any punk communities around and discovered that there was one near Beijing Universiry in a district called "WAN FU JING" where the SCREAM club was. I remember the first show when we played there some guy threw a beer bottle at me and hit my right hand nicely, starting to bleed well, but I refused to stop the song and gave him the crap as well.

During those days, China was in the middle of becoming economically bigger, but still had a major gap between the rich and poor where you see a Hilton hotel right in the middle of a ghetto area. Basically there were no middle class and not only being raised in an economically wealth family (at least to a lot of Chinese local people), for being Japanese and from historical backgrounds, I was seen and pointed with a condemned look a lot of times. I was offended by this reality, often having a bad feeling, but overcame it by learning the language and their culture. Learning a certain language meant the knowledge and understanding toward their country and a respect toward them.

I studied a lot.
Talked a lot.
Fought a lot.
And tried my best to understand what this country was all about.

I learnt that the Chinese people (Not ALL of course. Just an explanation as a whole for you) are very aggressive, but at the same time, the most respectful people who believe friendship and laughter is the most important thing in life. I began to start going to the SCREAM club day after day.

Most of the bands who played there were old school / ska / early punk bands, where there were only a few to mention like 69, Brain Failure, Reflector, Hang On The Box and Anarchy Jerks. I remember Anarchy Jerks went to South Africa to do a tour, but haven't heard from them since then. I don't know the situation now, but during those days in China, the government and police had so much power that a lot of times there were police officers coming in with guns and stopping the gig, because of the anti messages sang toward the government, which were strictly controled in China and always had a fight or trouble with them.

There was a time when we jacked an unused bus and then made it into a bar called "BUS BAR", having parties playing hardcore and ska bands loud enough to let the old lady living next door screaming at us with a knife in her hand. Minor Threat, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Propagandhi, Negative FX, Circle Jerks, Jerry's Kids, Faith, Specials were often on the record player, despite the fact of what those bands wanted to say, we were always "high" enough to hear them all faster than 45bpm.

There was also a small record shop close to the SCREAM club where they sold illegally imported CD's and Records, selling them cheap by cracking the side of the CD, so that the customs at the boarder don't handle them as products, but just a bunch of junk brought in by a bunch of kids with weird hairstyles. Not even to mention, all of those CDs and Records were stolen from Hong Kong and Japan. It was pretty interesting to know that a lot of the people who came to the SCREAM club or played shows there were students of Beijing University, which is the most intellectual university in China, so they were all smart enough to roll and lid a joint where a member of Brain Failure was the son of a famous politician of the communist party of China.

Sometimes we talked about politics and most of the times laughed hard with the great cheap beer of "CHIN TAO" in the left hand and a fat joint in the right, stopping such habit after watching a guy being ran over by a car laughing.

Not only domestic bands, there were also bands from outside playing at the SCREAM club such as Envy and International Noise Conspiracy, since there was a label called Ling Lao Records based in Hong Kong doing well refusing to release BLINK 182 who sent a demo to them. Really didn't dig the music of those bands that came at that time, but It was a good experience to see such bands in such a small place with a bunch of mohawks banging their hands to such music plugged into one of the most shittiest amps and drum sets you can find in this world.

I don't know how it was in the US, UK or even in Japan during the late 70's or early 80's, but it must have been like this.

It was all real and raw.

The last time I heard from a friend of mine who still lives in Beijing told me that the SCREAM club closed down due to economical and "high" restrains and the punk hardcore scene just turned into a mainstream movement. After experiencing and believing this was what Punk and Hardcore meant, I came back to Japan and started a band, but realized that the whole scene here was fake and fucked, having nothing to be against of, no impulse, no rage, superficial enough to point a middle finger up every fuck'n band's ass singing a total bullshit of the same old imported cliched stuff while holding a nice GIBSON guitar and wearing a leather jacket under an air-conditionor. Not to blame everything toward them, since it was way for Japan to work out its musical industry or historically copying every single shit without no doubt and ignoring its intention, but it seemed like something important was missing at the base, which kind of meant a alot or in fact, was the core. It could be said to me as well in some parts, since I believe Punk and Hardcore, in this case Life, is not a consequence, but an endless process. At least I still understand that I don't hit the strings to fuck around with girls and money.

Thanks to the friends and beers there.

Still today, I doubt such a scene here, forced to pay more than 1000$ to play a show 1 night at a small venue in Tokyo, no practice rooms to jack like we did in Beijing and a bunch of mainstream kids and bands banging their heads to our lyrics where we're talking shit about them. It's about time to realize what we can do in this country, in our own ways with our own words and action. Unless we hear and see what bands and people want to say and disagree, with the laughter of their friends and the ones they believe as for punk rock and hardcore to be a blank sheet paper to inscribe our pages, nothing is going to change.

I don't know much, but I know that for sure.

There is too much bullshit going around in this world and community today, very few real stuff rising from the very underground. More and more assholes selling merch on eBAY and Yahoo! auction, numbers in their eyes and hands, counting piece of papers they haven't even created. Shit bands giving reasons that "we can't do it" within this tiny fuck'n country because of having jobs and business to handle where we do too, so get back to work kid.

You still have homework to do.

We're sick and tired of hearing people and bands here whining about their jobs and restraits that are not even a thing to mention if it's something that you have chosen for your life. You do what you want to do. You choose what you want to have. There are things that fuck your life up a lot of times, but that is the same for everyone, including ourselves. If you have something to say, something to work out, do it. If you can't do it by yourself, do it together. That's the core belief you should be looking for. Finding those mates and rebellions is your first DIY and the only DIY that you must be doing.

Besides that, I hate that word.

Feel the rage and reality in front of you.
It doesn't matter where you're from, where you live, or how rich/poor you are, including the ones around you.

It's always there for us to grab and scream our guts out.

Stop asking dumb questions of how we work things out.
Just stand strong and solid, move for sincerity and friendship.
That's the only shit we have been doing for the past 10 years and what I personally learnt from Beijing and the friends there.

Besides the joints and beer bottles, of course.

New merch on the "Archive" page for ya.

Keep dreaming like you still do, kid.

Happy New Year.


yuta (from killie at tokai university, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie+balloons+takatori (at tokai university, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at tokai university, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted Dec/19/2008 (FRI)]

i hate your dvd

"when you depart from a man
make sure you leave him with a name of a flower
it blooms every year"

-yasunari kawabata-

We finally got the live DVD of "koken kotei vol.2@shinjyuku loft" ready to sell through the Archive page and it will come with a huge sticker inside. Thanks to all the people who have supported us for this DVD and you guys deserve a huge kiss and a beer for sure (I.D.O will pay for it). There is only 1 song "Resurrection" on the DVD, but hey, at least we know how to fuck around with micophones and the old lady seems to like it.

A bottle on her head for that.

You'll know what I'm talking about.

We are currently working on our album still and more news will come along, but for now, the LP version is unfotunately canceled and sorry for those who have been looking forward to it. You'll get to see an amazing CD and Tape version for sure, so let's look at the bright side and read the "gorinsyo" by musashi miyamoto.

The answer is there.

I have somethings to speak.
But it will be a threat and you may assume, as usual.
A community and scene where we see each other in colored eyes, frightening of what to say and what to express. This seems to be the case and we're here to fix that with our only flower to be given.

A Violet

The flower of sincerity in Japan.
Which also means fuck you in this choice of matter.

You have a flower for next year.


killie (at meguro mod studio, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at meguro mod studio, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at meguro mod studio, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted Sep/12/2008 (FRI)]