i hate anti-feminists
This is a simple state.

We're not anti-feminists.
We haven't been one and we will not be one.
Done. Talk Ends.

If you think we are, then you are totally misunderstanding us and you are wasting your time attacking the wrong band.
If there were misleads, we're sorry for that, but it isn't true at all.

We have a female staff called Nao who has been supporting our band merch for more than 10 years and she has been respected from bottom of our hearts.
And that is enough to be said about this issue.
Go ask the people who have met us already, you'll get the answer.

If you're a feminist, great, keep the good spirit.
We support you.
But if you're attacking us, we really feel sorry for you because you are just wasting so much of your precious time.

I hope you get back to the right work.

[posted Jan/30/2019 (WED)]

I hate announcing live shows
killie will be on a short tour to Europe from Oct 5th - Oct 7th 2018 for its new release Retrial Of The Criminal Begins (2x12"LP) which will be released by Dog Knight Productions(UK).

The tour dates are the following.

-killie Europe Tour 2018 "Retrial Of The Criminal Begins"-
Oct 5th - Darmstadt, DE @ Oetinger Villa w) Lentic Waters, Locktender
Oct 6th – Milano, IT @ Cox 18 w) Havah, Gerda
Oct 7th – Lyon, FR @ Grrrnd Zero w) Le Berceau Des Volontés Sauvages

The 2x12"LP version will include a separate bonus track from the CD version. All design is done by our designer SEPTEMBER and will be released on our first tour date Oct 5th.
For wholesale, please contact Dog Knight Productions(UK) directly, since they are nicer people than we are.

We're finally coming.
Hold your breath.


Release flyer (designed by september)
Tour Flyer (designed by september)
[posted Sep/21/2018 (FRI)]

I hate to break this silence

killie discography CD ??Retrial of the criminal begins?? is finally released after 10 fuck'n years.
The discography includes old songs that have been previously released in the past.
The tracks include:

1. Battle Against Body Fat
2. Retrial Of The Criminal Begins
3. Abandoned Corpse With Graffiti
4. Thinking About Preconceptions
5. Devil's Genealogy
6. Digging Up The Soil From Sexual Desires
7. Severance
8. The Resurrection
9. Giugno

The intention for this release is to stop people asking us questions "where can I buy your releases?" and stopping people for selling our stuff at ridiculously high prices on eBay and Yahoo auction.
All songs are re-recorded since we care about the ones who bought our stuff in the past and the ones who bought them at high prices.
For those who did bought it in the past, we totally respect you for that and we hope you enjoyed it.

The discography has two versions.
One as a CD and the other one is a photo album + live recording sono sheet + mp3 download code (songs are the same as the CD).

Our intentional silence has made its decision to reach out to the sun from the very deep underground to make changes.

Silence is calm.
Silence is relief.
Silence is dark.
Silence is quiescence.

But we will never resist within silence.
Silence will never make changes.

The "moth" will fly.
Fly high up to the sky strong enough to resist and overwhelming the light of the sun.
Becoming a moon, the only light in the darkness of night.

Your answer is up there.


killie (at Tokai University, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at Tokai University, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at Ninespices, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted May/01/2018 (TUE)]