I hate to break this silence

killie discography CD ¡ÈRetrial of the criminal begins¡É is finally released after 10 fuck'n years.
The discography includes old songs that have been previously released in the past.
The tracks include:

1. Battle Against Body Fat
2. Retrial Of The Criminal Begins
3. Abandoned Corpse With Graffiti
4. Thinking About Preconceptions
5. Devil's Genealogy
6. Digging Up The Soil From Sexual Desires
7. Severance
8. The Resurrection
9. Giugno

The intention for this release is to stop from people asking us questions ¡Èwhere can I buy your songs?¡É and stopping those assholes for selling our stuff at ridiculously expensive prices on eBay and Yahoo auction.
All songs are re-recorded since we care about the ones who bought our stuff in the past and the ones who bought them at high prices.
For those who did bought it in the past, we totally respect you for that and we hope you enjoyed it.
(For those who are selling them at high prices, we stick our middle finger up your ass and give us the fuck'n money asshole)

The discography has two versions.
One as a CD and the other one is a photo album + live recording sono sheet + mp3 download code (songs are the same as the CD).

Our intentional silence has made its decision to reach out to the sun from the very deep underground to make changes.

Silence is calm.
Silence is relief.
Silence is dark.
Silence is quiescence.

But we will never resist within silence.
Silence will never make changes.

The "moth" will fly.
Fly high up to the sky strong enough to resist and overwhelming the light of the sun.
Becoming a moon, the only light in the darkness of night.

Your answer is up there.


killie (at Tokai University, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at Tokai University, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at Ninespices, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted May/01/2018 (TUE)]

i hate your people

To 99% dick heads,

We are hard people to deal with.

We don't know how to pay rents.
We don't know how to turn down the volume.
We don't know how to talk with general people.
We don't know how to say "hi" instead of "fuck off".
We don't know how to change our clothes.
We don't know how to stop listening to inconvenient vinyls.
We don't know how to say thanks to the audience.
We don't know how to dance to your shitty DJ beat.
We don't know how to communicate with internet addicts.
We don't know how to betray our friends and community.
We don't know why the fuck you don't try.
We don't know why you say "yes" where we say "no".
We don't know why you can't show respect.
We don't know why you don't feel and think from the history.
We don't know why you take it as a fashion.
We don't know why you come, see and take over.
We don't know how to create besides our hands.
We don't know how not to doubt.
We don't know why you don't understand there are people who don't eat meat and who do.
We don't know how to reply fast to your stupid questions.
We don't know how to pack and send your order in 1 day like corporate companies.
We don't know how to update our band websites.
We don't know how to piss right into the toilet.
We don't know how to shut our mouths but open the doors.
We don't know how to earn money through music and why we should.
We don't know how to sing but to scream.
We don't know why you don't share.
We don't know how to leave from the underground.
We don't know how to fall back.
We don't know what the answer is but we know how to get it.
We don't know how to play softly.
We don't care how sexy your girl friend is.
We don't care how handsome your boy friend is.
We don't care if you're vegan or not.
We don't care where you are from.
We don't care what color you are.
We don't care if you are smart or not.
We don't know how to become smart and become like a dog.
We don't know how to look fashionable.
We don't care how you think about us.

Because we are who we are.

We do what we believe in. And that's all what matters. We're just a group of people 1% of the population that can't get along with the rest of the 99%. We know you are not harmful people, and we will politely respect the ways you think and live. So I will ask you once again, politely.

Don't FUCK and bother with us.
Stay in your god damn cage.

We do realize and believe that Punk and Hardcore was a place for those 1% of people who couldn't get along with the 99%. During school, during jobs, during every moment in this society. It gave an identity for each individual to insist and to live. It brought many ideas and actions to those where many counter cultures rose above from the underground for everyone who was involved or even non-involved. It gathered those minorities together and made them realized that they were not alone and could do something together. It is not about fashion nor science. It is about life. And you know what?

No shit we will be pissed off if you try to Fuck with it.

I had some news from a friend of mine who was insulted and criticized on the internet for not playing with a major band that asked his band to tour with them in the US. They politely declined this offer due to their ideas and processes they believed in, rooted into the idea of what they have been doing for years within the underground counter culture; "hardcore-punk". They've been caring this community for years and enjoying what they are doing with people that they love and believe, so it seems like a natural process to me that of course they will decline such an offer to tour in a big tour bus and play on a big stage, since they always wanted to stay close with the audiences and bands where it seems like this wasn't the case. So why the fuck you dick heads have to bother with such decision and talk shit about it? When in hell did we bother you? Did we take something from your fancy major music scene? That ain't true kid, we only did what we want to do and we will. We live how we want to live. We decide what we think is true and what is not. That's all what we have been doing with the ones we love and believe, and those were the 1% of people that actually have nothing to do with your 99%. That was what hardcore-punk and DIY was all about. Spitting at your fuck'n MTV band and rejecting authorities that may be offered. We are happy with how we move our bands and we can do it without you.

So stop colonizing our land dick head.
You don't belong here.
Go back home and wank on your tiny "joystick" with the nice internet connection on.

The sad thing is, this is not only the case. Audiences are acting like customers and bands are becoming more like companies. It's like a service nowadays. Kids ordering CD's and vinyls through the internet without placing their names, selling it on eBay and Yahoo! auction at high prices, bands acting like as if they're some kind of Rock Stars. I even had some guy ordering a CD and blaming me that there was a damage on the CD, but when I asked the guy for a return and looked at the actual CD, it was just a tiny scratch on the jewel case. What the fuck is going on out there? I couldn't find a CD or even a vinyl that I could listen to properly when I was living in China. All of them were chipped off at the end, because they were brought into the country illegally. But by the grace of those punks there, I got to know heck of bands and ideas that pushed me forward within this shitty society and brought me to where I am right now. They were not doing it for profit. They were just doing it because that's what they thought was right and fun. If you blame all of your shit on the internet, education, generation gap or the society for its cause, fine, you can blame it as you want to, but I think there is a major problem inside you as an individual, losing critical thinking and depending on every information based on 99% of people who do the same as you.

Why do you care so much of bands to be so famous or not?
Why do you care how fashionable things are?
Why do you want things to be more rare?
Why do you care if the band plays technically good?
Why do you care if there's any cute girls or handsome men in the venue?
What is the point for you being in such place?
Where in hell did the sincere distro culture go?
What happend to the mixed tapes that we shared with our friends?
What happend to the direct communication?
Where did that strike of lightning bolt through your back go?

Who the Fuck are you?

There are people who know how to use this tool without forgetting the importance of communicating and understanding. If you only believe in what is on the internet every second, I think you have some problem there son. It's only a one way insistence. You only get to know those 99% ideas, which is 100% wrong where the 1% actually holds the 100% answer to your question. Those 1% people are not using the internet for communication and action. They come directly or write letters to each other to share ideas and make them grow slowly within the soil of punk-hardcore where your just coming in and stepping on these buds. Then why am I writing this on such internet that should be criticized? Because I'm too fuck'n kind to you dick heads that it seems like this is the only way to correspond with you. And after yelling my guts out for years, I've began to realize that being nice to you dumb fucks didn't get to anywhere and actually your just taking advantage of it.

You're just too smart and clean to be true.
You don't belong here.
It's not a sad fact and nothing to be sorry of.
It's just true and the only truth you hold within this community.

You just don't belong here.

Again, we've been too nice. There is too much bullshit going around here that has nothing to do with our community, music and life. There is no distinguish between the major and independent music scene anymore. The music term "Punk", "Hardcore" and "DIY" is out of our hands now since 99% of you and bands are using it as a fashion and business term, where we have been taking care of it with all our love and respect from the history and to the future. You just took it away. It's gone, you colonized it very well. What else is there to take from us? You seem to be wanting more. We're tired of these terms, because your using it in the wrong process and abusing it for shit business. We have nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with us.

Get the fuck out of here.

I personally won't justify violence like it was happening back in the 80's or what I've experienced in China, but damn well, I would love to take those periods back to now, since it seems like something real was going on back then. At least it still was 10 years ago, if I believe so. No one cared about us and we were happy with that. We cultivated our own community with our own hands and spread our music and ideas by ourselves. Not with your neat notepad and MP3's. You had a computer in front of you by the time you knew how to jack off. I actually feel sorry for that. It's too much information to deal with and it itself does not bring anything real at all. We only had vinyls and tapes, making mixed tapes and sharing it with friends, keep listening to the god damn same tape for years and try to discover new bands and shows through fanzines and distro. That was gold. Fuck'n real gold. I got to knew the 1% of people who I really wanted to be friends with and they have actually made me the person who I am, which I am happy with. I know there are ways that you have achieved those kind of people, but you have to understand that we are not the same people as you and we have achieved this in a totally different way.

I am not saying that I know everything and that's for sure. But I know how I achieved the things that I think are important to me and to my friends. If you weren't there at that time with us and you want to know more, great, take that chance and go on. I ain't ganna stop you from that. It's an open book to scribble, but it's a stiff door to open to take that book and share it with people. You got to open it by yourself. No one is there to help you. That is DIY and the only DIY you should be doing. After you open that door, you'll just discover the other beloved ones who hold the same idea. After that, it's just Do It Together (DIT). And within that challenge, I will politely ask you to know and try to find out what was going on in the past as well. It is not like this community suddenly appeared in our hands as if god was there to create it one day. It has a fuck'n long history with struggles and fights against each other, governments, discrimination, music and of course ourselves, where each country holds its own history. It's about life. Don't disrespect that. Or else, your just fucking with people's life here son. "Punk-Hardcore" was a shock. We don't want majority of people to hear such music and culture. It should only strike the ones who really has been stroke. It's a small place for minorities who can't get along with the capitalist societies. That's how it was and that's how it should stay as. Don't take advantage of it. Leave the animals and nature as they are. We don't need your superficial help and money. We are living and taking care of who we are. Remember that.

Afterall these times and years, we came to a conclusion to be more fuckers against you 99%. We're just sick and tired of dealing with you. We need to make a distinguish here, and a really obvious distinguish. We don't want any fashionable audiences, we don't want any money and girl loving bands, we don't want company deals, we don't want any customer service shit, we don't want to deal with you 99%. That's all.

You'll know what we're talking about.
Not too soon, but pretty soon for sure.


Fuck off.
Really, FUCK OFF.

yOshi / kill(your l)ie

PS: Dear beloved 1% of you,
Don't be scared or tired of what they do to you and what they have.
Stay strong and believe in what you have done within these years and what our ancestors have.
Use those terms, use those hands, make those actions.
That's what made us together and what they cannot take from us.
We will stay strong for you and you will for us.
We believe strong in you.

Raise that hammer.
It's about time.

Take care.

(Personally, thanks to the purest gold, Momo)

killie (at yamagata huau, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at yamagata huau, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at yamagata huau, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted Nov/06/2009 (FRI)]

killie & heaven in her arms & cocoon sefira presents¡ÖCyoGa -Shika-¡×

Turning on the fluorescent lamp.
Distortion trampled.
Image of a shaking eardrum.
A microphone awaking revolution.
Quietness to prevail.
A boy raising its fist.
A girl holding her hand.
A crowd of ignorant people who don't show understanding.
A messenger of the impoverishment toward the battlefield.
Four strings above.
Cutting a line.
Bloodstain chopped.
A shadow confronting a flocking wave.
Them to have challenged the history in a moment.

Well fell down.
In pain.
With anger.
Leaving a scar.
To stand up.

We are not going to make you forget this.

There is no such definition for Rock'n Roll. It is for those "outsiders" who believe in ringing this music seriously that claim this. Many bands have proclaimed a reckless war against this unsolved contradiction inherent in the nucleus and scattered into pieces. As The Who, as the Clash, as the Crass, as the Fugazi, as the Snapcase, as the Operation Ivy, as the Sham 69 and as for us. In addition, it also means that there is an one and only misunderstanding and conviction without grounds in its depth and, in other words, a music that is changable and pointless with corruption; as your masturbation. It is no different from a friend of mine who goes to a police totally naked and says "hey, there's a fuck'n pervert over there" and gets arrested, where rather that friend of mine is called "Rock'n Roll" in this world.

Generally, when people in Japan define the word "Rock'n Roll", they usually take an example of a square-built rock rolling down a slope and describe the process of a band as the rock reduces its corners becoming round. It points out the state of a band's sound, live, sound source becoming more soft, clean and neat than it was from its stiff initial impulse; less "Rock". It is a natural process that is impossible to avoid, and is a consequence that changes cruelly into mercy. Many times this providence comes from compromise, prastabilierte harmonie, changes and greed of economy and living environment, fatigue and experience, but people pray for its wreckage to be a consequence from challenging for revolution.

Even if it was against the will of their nucleus.

However, when we take a closer look on the word "Rock" and "Roll" that establishes "Rock'n Roll", an interesting fact appears. The word "Rock" means "a state to be able to shake front and back without staying in one point" and "Roll" means "a state falling downwards along a surface without stopping", where these motions cannot happen simultaneously that leads to an understanding that the two impulses within the nucleus of the music "Rock'n Roll" are always colliding and surrounding the nucleus by its contradiction. It is a picture composition of a clash between an impulse of a personality that holds an individual will and greed. and an impulse of social nature of such suppression and compression that comes from the society, which is an immortal theme for them and for us. Even Ian F. Svenonius (The Nation Of Ulyssess, Make-Up, Weird War) who wrote the beginning sentence of Glen E. Friedman's "Keep Your Eyes Open", or a writer who doesn't know how to do a white line fever writing about him, or a shitty band paying pension and praying for this writer to write good stuff about them, or you and your girlfriend who wears their T-shirt in a pair have mentioned about this, but all are common in being a communist and,

For loving internet and "2ch".
Fuck that.

Our next CyoGa gig will be named as "Shika", which means eclosion in Japanese, a state where we're going to make our wings to fly over your dicky head. The guest will be Brahman, a long time band that has been active for years and has dedicated its passion and messages to this underground scene, and still is. There must be alot of you, who have been influenced by this band and grown up with them as a Samurai wearing its wings, flying toward heaven, which is called "Shika-Tosen". This is what we got for "CyoGa-Shika-".

This time we will bring back the assembly to our headquarter, Shibuya Eggman, and we believe that many of you have felt things from the last assembly. I will not mention about what they are, but I know you are feeling the same. Make sure you hold that within you strongly and that makes our wings bigger and bigger. The ones who have ordered tickets through e+ from the beginning will receive the final gift at the end of this year and we promise you that you will have a blast in what it is. You are the chosen one. We respect you. As lighting a life on a cigarette, promoted by the socierty, burning its will, breathing in intermittently and shortening its life, where finally disappears naturally or stubbed out. It shows its existance by spreading the smell of smoke around, but eventually disappears in air or being condemn by others. There are ones who leave a strong yellow stain in space where there are also ones who call it "art" or wishing to see it, but it is only a nicotine which has polluted life and the history after all.

Undermining a human body.
Becoming a dust at last.

I wish to walk such life.

This is our fuck'n Rock'n Roll.

Remember that.

yOshi / kill lie

¡ÖCyoGa -Shika-¡× 10/4 (Sun) @ shibuya eggman

¢£cast: killie / heaven in her arms
¢£guest: Brahman

¢£open/start: 18:00/18:30
¢£adv: 3000yen+ 1D
¢¨300yen discount by showing ¡ÖCyoGa Member Certificate Badge¡×at the entrance.
¢¨Available door tickets will be announced at the gig.

¢£Prior Ticket Info¡ÚLimited event present "CyoGa Wing"¡Û
¡¦e+¡§8/15 (Sat) - 9/4 (Fri)
¡¦¡ÖCyoGa Wing¡×....A gift will be given out each time CyoGa members order tickets through e+. By collecting 3 "CyoGa Wings", CyoGa members will receive a special CyoGa present. Further information will come along.

¢£General Ticket Info
¡¦Lawson Tickets (L/ 71608) / PIA (P/ 332-977) / Eggman Entrance / 9/5(Sat)
¡¦Shibuya Eggman 03-3496-1785


¢£heaven in her arms


CyoGa-Uka-Flyer (design by hAkuchi)
killie (at shimokitazawa shelter, taken by naoya nozawa)
2ch lovers (at shimokitazawa shelter, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted Aug/07/2009 (FRI)]

killie & heaven in her arms & cocoon sefira presents¡ÖCyoGa -Sanagi-¡×

I'll say this one last time.

We are not a band that goes on tour every fuck'n day like those sexy rock stars do nor living our lives by selling our music. We hit the rehearsal studio once a week, paying 6000yen per night, raising our 4 string hammer above anonymous computer freaks 2/3 times per month and for the rest of the 20 days, we work in general. Nothing special, we're just normal dick heads as you are. Music is just a small part of our whole life where as we believe in this tool by injecting our thoughts and emotions from what we go through these 30 days and watching Taiyo Matsumoto to try that shit out in Tokyo with cosplay fucks (not us).

We're hidden revolutionists

Our words and sounds wear a Tokyo-Katana, crossing the border as streams of Okayama and reminds an agent waiting for claim of responsibility on a continent for the treason. We swing down a hammer of irony and reason named "the Anithese" against the muddy music industry and those minds accumulated by TV and internet, witnessing the scenery in the point of the red bricks pilled up in balance, let down, and confront to revolute. Take a step forward if there is a mine, go on top of a mountain no matter how high it is and raise the CyoGa flag on its way. We are not doing this for money, honor nor history. We are doing this for the sake of friendship and for you to have a place to laugh. We lost a friend from committing suicide and we couldn't stop him where we could've. We don't want that to happen again. Our words and sounds might inspire in negative ways, but that does not mean to let you die in the means of mercy and physically. We are doing this to live through this shit world of hypocrites and deceit. Don't let them go on top of you.

If you think it's wrong, tell them it's wrong.
If it's No, "NO".
If they don't listen, tell them until they will.

Everything is up to us, not them. All they have done for us is just picking up money from our pockets and the bud we have grew for a long time. They are Bullshit. I wanna stick one CyoGa flag up their asses I swear. Times had made its way from the counter of men standing at its turning point in the times of advance in criticism and headwind.

The wind is blowing.

Step on the monsoon and make our place with the katana.
The jack of revolutionists who hide itself behind the jungle of life starts from now.

This is our independence.

Greetings to all agents who have came to the "CyoGa-Fuka-" gig last month and we would like to thank you all. But our next conspiracy is ready now.

The next CyoGa gig will be named as "Sanagi", which means chrysalis, a form of our next step and the guest will be Minoru Torihada. You can call him an entertainer, right wing, activists, artist, writer, a machine or whatever, but his speech and performances have an enormous impact and once you witness it, you know what I mean. With this guest, we cannot imagine how the next "Cyoga-Sanagi-" will turn out. It just goes over our imagination. We will also change the venue from Shibuya Eggman to Shimokitazawa Shelter for this time. We want each one of you to feel our words and sounds in different environments, feeling the facts and incidents that you may capture in each capacity and velocity of these aspects they hold. This is very important to us. We also continue with our prior ticket presents at e+ and by collecting the 3 presents, you will achieve a special gift from us. We will let you know what they are afterwards.

For us who perform a perfect transformation, "Sanagi", a formation right before a larva to an imago without digesting food, this process of evolution means our best stage of our future form. You know that and the time has come. There is none who can stop us from this evolution while the sound of with of time wriggles.

Our meeting seems to be in confusion.
See you at the assembly.

yOshi / killie

¡ÖCyoGa -Sanagi- 8/1 Sat @ shimokitazawa

¢£cast: killie / heaven in her arms
¢£guest: Minoru Torihada

¢£open/start: 18:00/18:30
¢£adv/door: 2800/3300 + 1D
¢¨300yen discount by showing ¡ÖCyoGa Member Certificate Badge¡×at the entrance.

¢£Prior Ticket Info¡ÚLimited event present "CyoGa Wing"¡Û
¡¦e+¡§6/13 (Sat) - 7/3 (Fri)
¡¦¡ÖCyoGa Wing¡×....A gift will be given out each time CyoGa members order tickets through e+. By collecting 3 "CyoGa Wings", CyoGa members will receive a special CyoGa present. Further information will come along.

¢£General Ticket Info
¡¦Lawson Tickets(L/70121) / PIA (P/325-546) / Shelter entrance / 7/4(Sat)
¡¦Shimokitazawa Shelter¡§ 03-3466-7430


¢£heaven in her arms

¢£Minoru Torihada

killie (at shibuya eggman, taken by naoya nozawa)
killie (at shibuya eggman, taken by naoya nozawa)
Kenta Uchida (from killie at shibuya eggman, taken by naoya nozawa)
[posted Jun/09/2009 (TUE)]