This interview was asked to be submitted to a Jozef Vycpalek for his zine, but haven't heard for a while, which of course pissed us off, but later in time he finally replied to us, having talks about how we/he think about music and gained both of our thoughts together.

The reason why we got pissed at that time didn't only come from this incident, but actually the fact to be betrayed and having our work and motivation to be reacted with disrespect in other cases, as some zines and labels have ran away with no reply to our answers or work we have done for a long time. As this case, we didn't recieve any news from these people for months and years, and we were pissed off and sad to feel such disrespect from a community that is trying to build the true spirit of creation and change as well as for its community. In my opinion, playing in an active band like hell and running a label, I think it's a responsibility to take care of such band/artists work that has taken days and blood for them to make it become true and we don't think it's only a hobby, but more about life. We shouldn't be fucking with that.

We know there are situations in life that brings major changes that you may not be able to contact the band, but in my opinon, you have to be ready for that if you are going to be involved or releasing stuff of a band. You might take it as a hobby, and feeling easy with it, but some don't. It's that heavy. I mean, if you live for more than 20 years, you know that there will be life changes and up and downs, so I believe there is a basic responsibility there for a label or a person who is taking care of the bands material to be ready for such situation. It's not about corporation, business or money (which is totally a low division conversation), but about respect. I run oto RECORDS with 2 people and I always have a file for my partner to look at just in case something happens to me, so he can contact bands and let them know the label is not in the condition to run. If you say that you care and respect the band, don't you think that is at least something that you need to be caring of? If not, at least me and my members do, remember that.

If you're going to ask for something, take the responsibility and do it till the last. If you can't or going to take time, let us know. What is so difficult with that? Stop acting like a kid and start thinking about growing up as an independent. I don't want to talk about cliched ideas like DIY and all that, but at least I will say being independent doesn't mean you have an excuse for what you are doing. It's the opposite. You must take care of everything with your heart that you have asked for, wanted for, came for as it is a result from what you are doing and it's your responsibility to take care of it. You deserve it. I believe that is what makes the significance of being independent than a corporate company.

Don't misunderstand that screamo kids.
You disgust us to hell.

If this is going to happen again, we're never going to answer any interviews or release materials again and we're pretty sure from now on that we're not going to be doing it with people who we don't know at all or short in contact with. Just imagine how much time it takes us to answer and translate all this bullshit or putting out records. If you're in a band, I'm sure you know what we mean and just imagine about getting fucked up with it. We're doing this for/with people who are really into changing things within this community/society, colloborating and conveying true messages we share and hold. Otherwise, get lost. We have no time bothering dickheads who can't manage to take their own words and action.

Anyways, here's the interview for those who really would like to share our ideas and a big hug and thank you to Jozef for being honest than those fuck heads who just can't grow up. Enjoy.

1. Generally I have no taste for starting interview with this cliche question, but now I cannot help: Who are the killie? Because when I found something about "September Against Sexism Tourg first time I thought youfre womenfs band and I lost lot of time of searching and studying your website if I hit youfre not. But except this one information - youfre not women (I think itfs not so important) I didnft find none.

HirotatsuKillie is an all male band consisting 5 members; Yoshi 25 years old on bass, Kenta 24 years old on guitar, Yuta 27 years old on drums, I.D.O 31 years old on guitar and me who is also 31 years old on vocals. We formed in 2004. Each one of us were active in different bands where some still are, and for now as Killie, we constantly play shows, release stuff and write zines. You can read more at our previous interview we did with Ryan Lewis (I've come for your children) .

2. It seems youfre angry at the Japanese scene. I think youfre undoubtedly controversial band. But if I understand it right youfre controversial beacuse you want to draw a reactions and compel people to take a think. I understand to it as the Japanese scene seems to be very passive by your side and you want to compel people to talk, to take critically think, to join and do some new things together. So what are reactions from people side and what are the concrete things make you angry? What are relationships with othe bands, for example with Envy?

Hirotatsu I agree with what you have said from the thoughts and actions that I get out through our present activities. At the time when we formed as a band, I can say that I formed this band to throw doubts and thoughts to people, not actually exaggeration or rage. But I began to feel this sense of incongruity as we performed live shows time after time. This sense of incongruity gave me a feeling and critical thinking of the healthy scene of interactive bands and people that I've seen and being involved during my youth were beginning to be substituted by internet and transforming into something different. Not only at our shows, but alot of people who come to shows these days don't try to communicate with bands or within the audiences, no critical thinking, and while being a so-called independent scene, there is this Rock Star / Idol characteristic demand toward bands and among the audiences that seems like there is no difference between the major music industry / system.

If I explain this with further context, or I should say this is the case, catching live show information and buying merch can be done clicking on to a website without communicating with the band directly. All the people who were involved in live shows I used to go to have aged, compulsory labor on their back nowadays, which seems odd enough for foreign countries to see this incongruous. Maintaining daily life is the best that can be done at the moment. Most of the people who come to live shows are always students. All is because of people becoming busy in collecting knowledge, using the internet, a tool carried out as the most important tool for building an ideal society.

And I don't know if there are such message boards oversea, but there is this huge anonymous message board in Japan called "2ch" where people can write messages anonymously, conjecturing on random topics and slandering people by their names without taking the risk to be known, since everything is anonymous. We were shocked by the fact that we saw our names (alot of times in personal names) and our friends name written on this fucked up message board with the worst slandering you can imagine of. It totally raised my anger toward these dick heads since it was obvious that all of them were people who came to our shows. It made me question "Why are we active as a band for?". To defeat this, we made zines, deleting show schedules from our website and came to an expression to put more effort and thoughts to our sound and live shows.

But when start doing this, a commonplace, arguments held most. There was no clue how to find out who was who since every single one of those assholes on that message boards were anonymously written where we couldn't help being suspicious toward everything. In spite of feeling resentment, using our minds and soul, sometimes being argued by the people who thought we were friends with, we continued and protected our activity.

We finished a Japan tour with Ampere (USA), La Quiete (Italy) and Heaven In Her Arms (Japan) in October (2007) and discovered many people coming to us for conversations and cooperating for this tour, which made us realize sense of fulfilment and gratitude toward these people, which was a result from continuing our activity patiently within those struggles. We will continue to collaborate with various people, try to build a healthy scene that will not drain into the country and fashion while try to deepen understanding with the enemies that still exist by continuing our activities of today.

In addition, we are not playing and talking about music only under the emotions of anger. I think that the words that seem to usually hurt people in daily life can be expressed and carried out more freely by the tool of music to let people feel and think about various problems and ideas without the worry of boarders of common sense and values, which holds us back from speaking in freedom. I believe any song which consists words should be like that. Bands that play and are active in same kind of places as we are have a pro and con, but as long as we feel vibes in each others songs, we go talk to them or they come to us. Within those conversations, we encourage to produce further understanding of each others activities and ideas. I guess this is a good chance to introduce some of our Japanese friend bands to foreign readers, who we have gone through these processes of conversations and shreding our sounds, overcoming the absurd boundary of genres and close minded thoughts. These bands are amazing people and as well as their sounds are;

Heaven In Her Arms, Balloons, Bandwagon, As Meias, Mouse On The Keys, Henoa, Akutagawa, Afterforever, Endzweck, Tiala, Deepslauter, Sora, Forget Me Not, Yarmulke, Bed, Nenem, GeGeGeGe Quartet, Joga, Lite, My Name Is, Under Current, Realized, L!fe, Vivisick, Kamome Kamome, Swarrrm, Muga, It's You, Mirror, Shuwa, What Ever Film, Inrun Publics, Tonebunk, 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal, Dipleg, Infro, Derashine, Tate Takako, Z, Unripe, Gomnupers, Anchor, Unripe, The Cops Are Inside Us, 4Hou8Pou, The Sun, Interior Palette Toeshoes...etc etc

They are too many bands to list and there are also bands who are already in R.I.P. so I'll stop here. Talking about Envy, we do have some connections with them, but as a band we have never played with them before, since I guess they are too big in Japan right now and personally, I have nothing much to talk about them. But they are a band that has influenced me in many ways and have been a huge existance inside me, I respect them a lot, where I also have my pride and will against them.

YoshiIn my opinion, Envy is kind of like a major band now and I don't know why alot of people are still looking at Envy as a DIY band, as if they are still connected to the local DIY scene of Japan, because they have a big promoter behind them, having shows in big venues, not playing with bands they use to play before and offering a song to a TV commercial of a big cosmetic company "SHISEIDO". Frankly speaking, it was a total shock for me to see Envy in a commercial base advertisement and really wasn't something please to see since they have been active in the underground scene for years and made a huge basis of what we are involved in today. Yes, it might be a consequence from their effort, gaining many audiences to pay attention toward what they do and we have no rights to say things about it, but in this situation it's too wierd to hear people calling them as a DIY band and we don't have a strong connection with them, so I don't want to say much about them and I guess I just have to leave the question to everyone's own opinion. But I think it would be a good idea for them to open more about what they are thinking right now to the public and answer to E-mails they recieve, since I hear alot of people in Japan including myself, having no reply from them about questions we ask.

3. CD EP "Don't To Want Escape From The Undeground, Want To Escpae From The Undeground, Can't Escape From The Undegroundh was pressed in 1000 pieces and it's a long time ago sold out. Your 12hEP was released in France in cooperation of Salvation / Flower for Carnage and itfs not available for Japan - itfs not a punishment for the Japanese scene? If you want activate and mobilize people for something, how do you want realize it when people canft composedly think about your record at home? I think it's very interesting because also here in Slovakia people are not active. But if I were in band which should have important message for scene I can't introduce I shouldnft send the message and impose a ban to distributors on selling it in Slovakia. I think it's the same thing if I'd like mobilize people through unintelligible language.

Hirotatsu First of all, I want to state that we don't actually know if the scene or the audience is disappointed or not, and also that we don't want to lower the quality of our records just to satisfy those people. Even if they are being disappointed, I feel that a band would only put out boring stuff if you pander too much on listener's satisfaction. Also, designs and artworks of all our outputs including records, t-shirts and website, are taken care by Yossan, also known as September. He is one of my oldest friends, and he would always come up with awesome designs regardless of expense. He has persistence in his work, and we would always hammer out final details while discussing ideas and chatting about stupid things. We could say that he is our sixth member.

Currently, we are releasing our records from oto Records, which is ran by our bass player Yoshi, but it's always a hassle for him of how much we are spending on our records and merchandises. In fact we still owe money to the label that are yet to be paid.

Don't forget that as we put out a record, we would want it to be heard by many people as possible. I will omit the reason why we limit the pressings of each record as it will be too long, but let me explain the situation with "Want To Escape From The Undergroundc" CDEP and the one-sided 12" vinyl as you mentioned in your question.

As with the "Underground" CDEP, we are using see-through plastic booklets and see-through discs (which would obviously be easier to understand if you could have access to the actual CD). The booklets were custom-made through another friend of mine who works at a printing company. At the time when we made this CD, considering the status of Killie back then, and from advise through our drummer Yuta who works at distribution company, we came up with prediction that it would be tough for us to sell more than 1,000 copies in this time and age where people aren't buying CDs. Then when we calculated the budget, we figured out that there would be no loss in expense if we barely sell out all 1,000 copies. After its sold out, we discussed about re-pressing this CD or not, but it was too difficult for us to sacrifice everything to press them again, and also thought that even if we did, we wouldn't be able to sell enough to cover the expense anyway. There might have been other opinions back then, but I don't remember now. But most importantly, we are all happy with the decision we made.

As with the 12" vinyl, we put it out since Jerome, who runs Salvation Records and Momo, who runs Flower Of Carnage asked us that they wanted to release our record for people living outside of Japan. And of course, we wanted people overseas to listen to our music as well. But as a matter of fact, even if Japanese bands release their records outside of Japan, I heard that the record collectors in Japan would buy the most of it. If this is the case, I think there is no point in Japanese bands releasing their records overseas. Again, it is clear if you can see the actual record, but Yoshi and Yuta had translated all our ideas upon the release into English and are written on the back cover. Again, this is a limited pressing due to budget and the need of manual works. We have included 2 new unreleased songs in this, and once the record is out, we were thinking of releasing a record (in some format) of 6 to 7 songs, including the 2 on the 12". But unfortunately we had to pass on this, as we couldn't finish everything up on time.

Currently, we have been getting many inquiries from the fans in Japan. But if we had explained the reasons mentioned above on web, we think that we will blow what we have done until now. Also by deliberately not clearing these things up, we are hoping that those people take an interest in us as a band, and would make them want to communicate with us directly.

Next year, we are thinking of releasing some kind of discography stuff, where there will be laid-back designs and ideas, and people can just enjoy the music. We feel that our battle will continue.

4. I donft understand also that anger over the presence American Navy in Yokosuka how you wrote on your website and which "killing our traditional culture with their shitty Western capitalized/fascist minds.g Why are you angry with just American Navy? Isnft the attribute "Americang or "Japaneseg in the event of army not important?

Yoshi Yes, I agree with what you have said and that mind of thinking should be the essential part to posses. But I think not only for military violence, but approaching a problem with that essential heart will be a lot more legitimate and realistic if the object is more specific and if it is capable to hold it within our hands to see and touch. In this case, it is about Yokosuka Navy Force, which we are close to and able to see what situation is going on at updated time, understanding and feeling the history behind it as well. Of course, I'm not saying that the American Navy in Yokosuka, Japan is the only evil and threat to be warn, but all of the military force and violence that is held today, but I believe picking up this worldwide problem specifically, which we see through our eyes will be alot more legitimate and be able to concentrate in solving it compared to those who live outside of Japan. I mean, can you solve every single military force, political problems within this world only by yourself? At least I can't. I can't even stop my neighbor for watching porn movies at midnight that I can't sleep; Sexual desires are strong people.

I believe a coin will make a bill. One will make a whole. Individualism will bring profit to totalitarianism. If every one of us can think the same way and approach such problems or other ones in their local areas, possesing the essential part to think of, in this case humanity, I think it will be alot more effective and realistic than saying "I will save the whole fucK'n damn world"; Re-estimate your capability. Personally, I don't want to talk or criticize of what I haven't seen, experienced or just read from some kind of book. It just lacks persuasiveness. And when it comes to country issues, each country has their own history and culture, which is very very hard to understand by only visiting there for 1 week or just reading information off books, where you must not be careless toward it. It's a very sensitive issue and you can't mess with it without the accurate information and knowledge. I felt more attention toward such way of thinking after coming back from the tour with Daitro (France) and Heaven In Her Arms (Japan) in Europe where I discovered so many political issues and cultural differences that I cannot fuck with. Of course I might have opinions toward those issues, but it's not enough experience and knowledge to say such things to be responsible and sincere toward the country and people. You need to be accurate at this. This brings me a strong feeling and idea to stick with what is going around you first and then try to spread your tentacles more broad. If everyone can do this, every problem within this world will have a better chance to be solved in a more effective process and with accuracy where it should be.

If I add brief information and history of the Yokosuka American Navy situation, Yokosuka used to be the navy base of the Japanese military and has been an important part of Japan for trades in goods and exchange of culture with other countries. After the lost of Japan from World War 2, the U.S. Force took over the facilities of Yokosuka where they intentionally avoided attacks of this military base, since they were planning to take it over in the first place. Yokosuka is now an important base for the American Navy that it is the middle point of oil supply, food supply and contact to other Asian countries as it has played an important role during the war in Iraq, which was really sad to see. Since there are many American Navies who live in Yokosuka, the town has no appearance of Japan where it totally looks like the U.S.. It is totally shocking for the Japanese, or even people who come from out of Japan like Daitro (France) / La Quiete (Italy) / Ampere (U.S.) did where they told us about how sad to see such sight. You see alot of Japanese girls who walk through the streets being harassed by those American Navies and there are many of them being raped. Not only sexual problems, but there are many other social problems like violence, robbery toward Japanese citizens, and because of the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement, all of those soldiers who commited such crimes cannot be judged in court of Japan where the U.S. military hides them and send them back to the U.S. before the problem gets bigger, and of course, we cannot have them back to be punished and all remains is the tears of these women and people who have been hurt. The U.S. military provide police who look after their own Navies, but it doesn't seem to help that much and it just gives threat to the local people being watched all the time. The sad thing is that the local Japanese shops and people cannot live out with the military since there are many of them and they buy goods from these people. So they need to provide what they want and how they expect things to go. History cannot be ignored here. There are many other U.S. forces in Japan like, Okinawa, Saitama, Osaka and etc. where Okinawa has the biggest and number of bases within Japan, holding alot of crimes and problems by the U.S. military and we still need to fight this. It is still a long way to evacuate evil violence of war, but we will do our best to fight this within what we see and touch. Japan will be ours and the others will be yours. We believe in the strength of an individual hammer to make a whole (hole).

5. Well, letfs enquire "September Against Sexism Tourg. I must say that I was thunderstruck by your courage to do something doofer and also by your communication choice - in that you did fanzine with the same name and you wrote there your opinions about sexism. The context is also very interesting because it wasnft only on "women discrimination coming from cultural, historical background, but also on men discrimination developed from the innovation of ecconomy and democracyg. The example of the "men discriminationg is probably the Hirotatsufs experience, who "has a huge complex toward women and also has an experience of being discriminated by women that he has many doubts and rage toward the dominant position of women society in Japan.g Can you the "dominant posistion of women in Japanese societyg explain? In the interview of Ifve Come From Your Children zine Hirotatsu said that "too many women in Japan are being placed in an extremely favorable position by the countryg and they abuse it against men like repress (for exapmle like sues for a sexual harassment) and he also said that pornography is shitty business but women donft hesitate attain money. "A lot of men buy women to take revenge because of their stress from beying betrayed or from being discriminated against by women.g In my opinion itfs very absurd statement: How can be "buyerg discriminated by "product / stuffg?

HirotatsuBefore we go further, I would like to clearly state that I do not necessarily hate every Japanese woman. I do have women friends. This activity we did was another attempt of ours to let people think more, and to persuade communication with us and among each other. Fortunately, we were able to question their stereotype thoughts, and we became friends with those who responded in any way.

My thoughts on preferences used to be like how Japanese folk singer Kosetsu Minami sang in his song called "Kanpaku Sengen", where men work to feed their family, and women devote themselves to chores and child-care. Almost all of our parents of the same generation are like this, and we always see scenes like that in movies and TV's.

After our defeat in the world war, Japanese people worked their guts out to become a developed country as it is today. As time change and won our own peace, women started to claim their rights to work. When I grew up, my father had an old-fashioned way of thinking, whereas my mother was kind of a person who claims for her own rights. The problem of sexual harassment also arouse when women started to work in the society made by men.

When I was at the age of around high school student, Japanese women created a culture that started to garner attention from the media. This is represented by how they occupied the state-of-the-art discos flaunting their underwear, and making men drive home or relieving money from their servile men. This kind of culture was never accused by women themselves, and with common beliefs saying that it's men's fault to be deceived, it never became a major social problem. I have witnessed these situations back then, which made me feel very unpleasant. Even when this culture settled down, women kept on creating all sorts of similar cultures.

I understand that since women are physically vulnerable sex-wise, and that they demanded for superior position in everything and presented the way of doing so. What I can't stand is their way of doing it. There is a common knowledge in Japan that the worst thing men could to a women is to let her cry. I agree with this, but no one question the fact that there are lots of women who deliberately use tears, thinking that they could get away with everything when you cry.

Even though I don't know too much about laws, I feel there are sex discrimination problems and I often come across those scenes. In trains in Japan, 'women only car' has been made in these couple years, but I heard that those cars are filled with women's ego that even my women friends said that they would be uncomfortable. I would never want to be on that car. Maybe Yoshi will explain more later on. And in Japan, there are many women who do makeup inside train. Also a lot of those who sit and loaf in train seem to be mainly young girls, and they would always eat and drink inside.

Also, there have been frequent reports on incidents where a man gets arrested for being mistaken as a groper just by accidentally touching some woman's hand. I'm not trying to say that they are all women's fault, as it's obvious that these false accusations are caused because there are men that do bad things inside train. But I do question some of the women's fashion and make-ups, which seems like they are inviting those things to happen.

-"It is said that Tokyo has high productivity rate, but productivity rate of child is very low".
-"Women are kind of like a machine that bear child. The number of machines is already set, so we would have to encourage each one to hit it up".
-"The worst and harmful thing that were brought by civilization is old bags".

These above are statements made by politicians, but I feel it's so absurd how the whole country is making too great an issue of the gaffes, and how some people stand together an organization to demand an apology.

I feel that problems with prostitutions and sex shops have become a lot less recently. Although in the past, there was an incident where a prostitute fleeced one of my friends. In Japan, there are sex entertainment shops such are called 'cabaret clubs', 'soap lands', and 'delivery healths', and the industry is established by women selling their bodies or just drinking alcohol with men. I don't mind people trade on their sex where it's their choice and I don't go there for myself anyways, but I hear that there are many women who abuse their sex in those places, so I keep away from sex shops. Recently, the numbers of foreign prostitutes on streets called "tachinbo" seem to be increasing too.

Please don't misinterpret that we are not a band who are raising our voice only to problems with sexism. This is just one of the issues we question.

Yoshi For me, I have different perspectives toward sexism problems than Hirotatsu does and I believe those sex shops should be abolished and women rights to be given more appropreately. What I agree with Hirotatsu is that there are some problems to be doubted as men discrimination and there should be more attention on sexism problems within Japan and we want to be a tool to raise concern for our people toward such problems and others as well by claiming topics we see and doubt. Although alot of times we have different perspectives toward different issues, the extreme goal we are trying to attain is always the same, and within sexism problems, it is true exuality of men and women. We are 5 individuals coming from diffferent areas of Japan, having different pasts, different experiences and ideas. To approach a certain problem, I believe it gives one to think and have a broader idea by having different opinions and to do that, we exchange our ideas with eachother and discuss as much as possible. Of course, we always have disagreements and takes a long time to come to a conclusion where we both agree, but I believe that is how a band or a community should be. To make a strong and solid message and idea, it needs to be pound by various opinions where I think this band has always gone through that process, approaching the same goal, trying to make it worth and persuasive in what we say and act. We always want to be honest and respectful toward eachother and to others.

6. Japanese scene - European scene, man - woman, tradition - modernity... Itfs not about walls between us, itfs not about walls divide us?

YoshiI guess this question rises from the doubt toward Hirotatsu and killie talking about sexism, political problems by using catergorized phrases like "U.S. Navy", "Men/Women", "Japanese Scene" or whatever and trying to remove them by such categorized throughts. For the sexism part, I think this opinion relies on the majority opinion and fact of sexism problems not based on biological facts of rather he/she is man or woman, rather based on Social Sex, which we may call it "Gender". This may be seen in the world as a whole, where I don't know about your country, since as I said before, I don't enjoy talking about things that I haven't seen or experienced, or just read a book of some philosopher as if it is one's opinion which is sometimes too logical to describe each page of human beings or even countries, but in Japan, you can see that in biological facts of being a man or a woman can lead to discriminations in many ways.

But the thing Hirotatsu is saying is that we are not saying the problem between him and that terrible girl was a problem of man discrimination against Hirotatsu (look at the old interview on Salvation Records for more information), but actually the fact that he realized and discovered many facts and incidents of Japanese sexim problems from this incident he had with this girl. It's a cause, not a conclusion. As he says in the other interview, it gave him many thoughts and links from this incident that he realized that there are not only women discrimination but also men discrimination in Japan.

For instance, as Hirotatsu explained above, since there are many sex abuses in trains toward women, train companies started to have "women only car" for them. In my opinion, this is a desperate solution that we couldn't help solve the problem in other ways and I believe alot of men and women thought the same way. But the thing is, after this deal was done, there was a case where a disabled man who couldn't walk properly was in a hurry and had to get into the train, but there was only the women train car open (as you may know Japan train traffic is really really terrible.....millions of people in one car.) so once he got in there, he was seen in pathetic eyes, seen in discrimination by women, and you know what?? He was asked by those women to "Get the fuck out of here and go to the next train box" where for disabled people, they are allowed to get on any train car they want, even if it is "Women only".

There are many other examples. Like there are many "Women Only" restaurants these days in Japan. Just because of being a man biologically, they don't let you in. If you are with a women, some of them let you in, but the problem is that we definately don't feel comfortable being looked down by the women inside there. The reason why I know is that I've been to one pastry restaurant with my girlfriend and I really really felt uneasy there.

Also for laws and education, in 2003, there was a survey on Japanese schools in the whole southern part of Japan, Kyusyu Area, where there were 31% of male students to be forced to shave their heads in Kagoshima prefecture and 20% for Kumamoto prefecture, which is totally insane. This comes from a history of Japan during the World War that they needed to shave their heads to look clean and honest toward their commander and Emperor, where it still exists in suburbs espcecially. For laws, I have a friend who has a children, but his wife died from a car accident one day. He has to take care of his children by himself while working, but except for a small number of self-governments there are no child-support allowance on getting money for motherless families. Even for insurances and annuity, when men get a scar on their faces, they get much more less insurance from insurance companies and as well for annuity when a wife dies. There are so many problems that we can see in Japan these days that there are huge differences and may be seen as a discrimination.

Of course, there are still many women discrimination against women and this is something we are working on as well. But as there is a strong cultural background in Japan that women are seen below men, people are very numb in these problems. In these ways, I really believe Hirotatsu, Killie has brought more thoughts and concern toward of our people to think about the problem more and the experience Hirotatsu had was the cause to make him think of that, and of course made me think alot about it as well. We are a Japanese band active in a Japanese scene. There are many things that we think about other countries and people, but the point is we want to approach problems of what we see and what we know, like I said above about the American navy. Essentially, it's not a problem about a "navy" or "American" or whatever, but facing the fact of military force to be demolished. But as a Japanese, we can't ignore the historical background of what Americans and Japanese have done to eachother and on the other hand, approaching the problem with the essetial soul of removing those categories as well. We know that it is important and actually may be the only way to solve these problems, but sometimes it just gets too unrealistic in ways to think only in abstractionism. We have to have both ways of thinking to approach these problems, possesing the abtract idea and concerning the specific category as well. We do what we can do, what we know what we can do and what we need to do in what we know. That's all I can say. You may call it bullshit in ways, but at least I know that our method has someway catched your attention and that may give both of us another way of thinking and change. I say "it works".

7. What is the end of story Yanashita Mirai? I was very surprised that transplantations are not possible for people below 15 years in Japan. What is the reason, how itfs possible?

YoshiIt's good to hear that you are concerned with this topic since there are more foreign people asking us questions about her, where it is also sad to discover the reality of Japanese people to be low in concern toward transplantation of internal organs in Japan. The "Mirai Yamashita Fund"actually reached the amount of money for her surgery by donation by many people and companies. She went to the U.S. and had her transplatation already and made it successful. She is back in Japan, still struggling in health conditions and going back and forth to the hospital, but she seems to be doing good, which is good news for all of us.

It's actually 10 years since the law of transplant of internal organs has been carried out in Japan. There are only 61 examples of transplantation since these 10 years and this is said because 15 years old children are not allowed to have or provide transplantation, since the law says that they don't have the ability to choose within their age to provide or not, which just sounds ridiculous. For the present law of transplant of internal organs, it is written that an offer of internal organs can only be decided by an individual by showing its "Donar Card", which shows the intention of offering one or not.

You can tell that this is not an effective law not only for the children younger than 15 years old, but also for those who need such surgery. There are still not enough offers of these internal organs and alot have died from this shortage. And because of this law restricting surgeries for children and the high cost of getting a surgery out of Japan, alot of Japanese people buy internal organs from developing countries where these people easily sell their bodies for money. This is a huge moral problem going on in Japan and there are movements going on to change the laws. I really hope this change will occur since it is really sad to see children dying from a disease that they can actually cure in Japan and people from developing countries selling their organs. To make this possible, we need more attention of Japanese people toward this topic and we hope to see more progress in the close future. And please, if you do have a friend who needs help in such topics let us know. We will do our best to help you out. And if you know a person who is trying to sell their internal organs or doing something familiar to this, please stop him/her. It is not right at all and it is just sad for their close ones and for us as well. Please, take good care of yourself, we need you, not only the body.

8. This would be the end. But Ifm interested in your future plans and why killie hasnft myspace profile too. Oh, And also what do you know about Slovakia.

HirotatsuBesides playing shows constantly in Japan, we would be releasing some kind of work in limited numbers, and hoping that we could release 6 - 7 tracks material in Autumn 2008. We are also planning to do a Japan tour with Off Minor (USA) in May 2008 where we are going to release a split CD with them from oto RECORDs. In addition, we hope to do an European Tour in Winter 2008 with some band, but not decided yet.

We are planning to live up to promises we have made along the way in these past years. I think it would take a whole year on this actually.

About Myspace, I think it's a good tool to let the whole world hear your music, but I feel that there is a big thing lacking in it. Firstly, I feel odd to penetrate into a system built by someone else. I personally think that it is important that we deliver our music to everyone. But as Killie, I don't feel the necessity to put our music up on those places, and also we can't handle all the work on it too.

I have resentment to a current situation where CDs and records are not selling. And to be honest, I don't have too much interest in what happens with us outside of Japan. I'm leaving all those up to Yoshi. I'm a Japanese, and I'm writing lyrics in Japanese towards Japanese people. I feel that we should solve the problems in Japan before we look at what is happening outside the country. I think it's great that our music has been released and distributed outside of Japan, and people who heard us taking interest in us. Offering us an interview like this is a great example. We would hope to play overseas one day, but I feel that more problems would be rising by then.

YoshiI agree with Hirotatsu about MySpace. I personally use MySpace for my label, since it's not just my band being involved in this label that I think I should help them out as much as possible for letting people know them and I think it is OK to have a MySpace page as long as they are still updating their own webpages or paper formats, but from a perspective of a member of a band, it's sad to see alot of bands and people leaving their websites and paper formats, going on to a systemized page only where you have restrictions in creativity and lack of originality as well. It is true that you may hear and discover new people through MySpace or familiar websites, but I believe as long as you are doing what you truely believe in with the right heart, it will reach the people and you still will be able to have connection with them. The more and more things get systemized, the more it gets danger in being controled and this is what we need to be paying attention of. I guess internet or modern society of convinience has made people alot more lazy than they were before. Sad, but true.

I don't really know much about Slovakia, but the fact it had its independence in 1993 from Czechoslovakia. Killie is planning to go on an European tour in autumn of 2008, so if we have a chance to goto Slovakia as well, that would be amazing. I really wish to see more people and have as much talks we can, discovering different cultures, ideas and people. I strongly believe that is why I am involved in a band and label for years. I really like to thank you for interviewing us and for those who have read this. I wish to see you face to face someday. That is why we are here for and so as for this community. Don't forget that internet is a tool to bring an anolog process and connection among us. Not for entertainment, not for information, but to connect ourselves in hand to hand.

Cut the cables and pull the strings.
Thanks and see you soon.

10.Dec.2007 answers by Hirotatsu & Yoshi from killie
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